During the COVID-19 pandemic I had time to re-evaluate my business. When I considered my two passions – tourism and vexillology – I came up with the concept of Vexiguide. A guide who, besides having sufficient knowledge for their job in general, can inform their clients about the history of local symbols, show them interesting places from a vexillological perspective and/or good locations to take photos of flying flags. Did you know for instance that Jindřich Trenkwald – the main producer of banners in the 19th century – had his store in one of Prague’s palaces closely associated with the Velvet Revolution?

Besides the quality services of a private guide we can offer you something special – be it standard tours with additional vexillological material or tours specifically planned for flag and heraldry lovers. This way you can enjoy a tour together with your loved ones or alternatively offer them a way to spend their free time while you enjoy vexillology. We are ready to customise the tours to your needs and interests. Vexilolognet is here for you – vexillologists, but also for your family, colleagues or friends, who just want to enjoy the beautiful nooks and crannies of Central Europe or spend their free time wondering through art or shopping galleries. We also help our clients with securing accommodation or transport to ensure maximum satisfaction during their stay.

We will publish an overview of standard excursions with prices in the first quarter of 2024. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a current offer or for tailor-made excursions.

Illustration photographs
Prague – Memorial to the Second Resistance (1939 – 1945) in the form of the Czechoslovak flag.
Vienna – Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs with the flags of the UN and EU.
Budapest – Flags of Hungarian history (series of 23 historical flags selected for use during official ceremonies) in front of the presidential palace.

Our references can now also be found on Tripadvisor. Did you enjoy our services? Do you have any suggestions on how we can improve? Leave us a reference for our services too! You can find the link here.

Julieta Koci, Uruguay
December 2018
>>>Thanks Petr<<< There’s nothing better than to view the city with a person who lives there and knows its history, it’s nooks and crannies.

Maria Celeste Frascaroli, Argentina
March 2019
Prague – Bratislava – Budapest – Vienna
Petr was an exceptional guide. From the first moment I felt at home around him. He was very attentive and friendly. His knowledge of all the visited places was excellent. On the other hand the routes were adjusted for our interests and needs and overshot our expectations. He awakened interest and expectation within us at every corner. He is a very pleasant person who shares their personality with others and has the air of an old friend.

María Monserrat Hernández Augustín, Spain
August 2011
Prague – Dresden – Č. Krumlov – Vienna – Budapest
Petr guided us through his hometown of Prague, showed us its secrets and told us all its stories with the enthusiasm and knowledge of someone who loves his job. This took nothing away from his excellent companionship in Krumlov and later in Vienna and Budapest. Due to his personal commitment for his job we heartily recommend his company.