Training Courses and Lectures

Training Courses
We offer training courses in vexillological protocol to all who come into contact with the question of displaying flags and banners – state institutions, embassies, municipal and regional administrations, associations and even supranational companies. We believe that respect for symbols, whether they be your own or foreign, is the basis of good social behaviour. Included in our offer are education materials which summarise the basic axis of the course (see illustration photo).

We offer lectures both as a part of formal or informal education for all age groups from primary schools, through high schools and universities to universities of the third age. Are you interested in making your lessons more engaging for your students? We can offer presentations regarding the history of state symbols. Do you teach at a university? We can prepare a lecture based on your requirements or even a full course. For students of international relations or diplomatic protocol we offer courses on flags in international relations or on vexillological protocol. Students of history or auxiliary sciences of history can receive an introduction into the theoretical basics of vexillology, the evolution of the science and even the evolution of state symbols themselves.

Select publications
HOLAS, Petr. Vlajky v mezinárodních vztazích. In: EXNER, Petr (ed.). Sborník přednášek z 5. českého národního vexilologického kongresu. Liberec, 22.06.2012 – 24.06.2012. Hradec Králové : Česká vexilologická společnost, o.s., 2012, s. 40–52. ISBN 978-80-260-2767-6.

Training course materials

Trailer for the lecture delivered at CIPR