Flag design

Basic package
This option includes the creation of several proposals based on information from you. It’s ideal for those of you who have ideas of symbolism you’d like to convert into a flag. You will receive several proposals and we shall guide you through the process of selecting the flag which suits you the best. Designs arising from this option will follow the basic rules of vexillology and will be original (differing at least from national flags, flags of federal subjects and municipal flags within Czechia, though we do try consult other databases too). Naturally we shall also include a vexillological description of the flag, its symbolism, a construction sheet, and a vector file for subsequent potential printing/production. In this basic form the price for the flag design is 200 Euros.

Complex package
The higher price for this version is set primarily due to the need to comb through a much larger dataset which are gathered from you and from publicly available data. Should you wish for a flag which, in a manner of speaking, outlast you, we recommend this option. The production of this flag has four phases (via a videocall):
1) Your preferences: This meeting will clarify your ideas for the final symbol. Whether it’s better to create a simple flag for flying on a flagpole or whether we’ll be creating a banner for interior use. This way we can clear up who the symbol should represent.
2) Who are you: using a semi-structuralised questionnaire we will attempt to select suitable symbols for use on the flag. In creating a personal flag, we use concepts from genealogy, symbolism of names, places of birth, traditional employment etc. When creating a local symbol, we utilise local history, traditional industry, and places of note. In the case of flags for societies and other organisations we shall employ the same method.
3) What symbolises you: at a third meeting we’ll present the symbols we believe best fit the information submitted by you and gathered by us. We’ll consider some basic colour options.
4) Your flag: at the final meeting we’ll be selecting from final designs for your flag.
Depending on the situation the various phases can be joined together – it depends on the amount of time you’re willing / able to devote to the project. The price of the complex package is somewhere between 400 – 600 Euros depending on the extensiveness of the research.

Flag registration
Should your flag be related to Czechs or Czechia, we can facilitate its registration in the National Register of Flags and Banners run by the Czech Vexillological Society. This registration is free.

Additional services
We collaborate with the main flag and banner manufacturers in Czechia and therefore we can ensure a fair price and good quality of the final physical product – your flag or embroidered banner. Should you be interested, we can also design a coat of arms to go with your flag.

The completed order is ready for delivery to the client

Flags realized by us and registered in the National Register of Flags and Banners (Czechia)